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Kinect FOSS drivers

Microsoft Kinect device has now support to be connected to devices other than the XBox (e.g., Macs and PCs).

At present there are at least two FOSS driver initiatives: OpenNI and OpenKinect.

The OpenNI initiative is supported by the guys of PrimeSense, the company who was behinf the development of Kinect for Microsoft. However, they only provide Kinect drivers for Windows and Linux (no OSX support at this date…)

There is though an alternative initiative known as OpenKinect, which includes FOSS Kinect drivers (libfreenect) for OSX, Linux and Windows.

And here is an implementation of OSCeleton (a skeleton detector system using the Kinect) based on Apple’s Quartz Composer.

[update 16.03.2011]: There is also a quite convenient OpenKinect Simulator (Fakenect) which allows to develop apps without the need to have a Kinect at hand (and setup).

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