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MS Kinect, OpenNI and OSC – tohm judson

My PhD student André Baltazar just pointed me to these quite well compiled instructions on how to make MS Kinect work in OSX (and Ubuntu and Windows):

OpenNI to Max/MSP via OSC – tohm judson.

I will now install everything in my own MacBookPro laptop and then go out and buy another Kinect for the lab 😉

Some neat ideas to do with this:

  • take the OSC messages produced from the skeleton code and input them into some algorithmic music system (in Chuck, Pd, Max/MSP, SuperCollider, etc), that generates sound/music based on body analysis;
  • Take the RGB body image captured by the Kinect and over-impose virtual elements that interact with the computed skeleton (augmented reality scenario);
  • Show this to our 3D modeling and animation colleagues and try to send the detected body movements into a 3D scene with a 3D modeled character (and in this case, we should try to adapt the skeletonization code to also provide depth coordinates);


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