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32 bit Flash Player is sluggish in OSX 64 bit browsers

Lately I’ve been experiencing quite a sluggish performance (i.e. more than usual) in everything that uses Adobe Flash (arghht) in my MacPro 8-Core box with OSX10.6.7 installed. This is quite noticeable when watching videos from YouTube or Vimeo, where after some time video framerate gets so slow that you end up watching a slide show instead of a movie.

After some research on the problem (and after reinstalling the latest and “greatest” Flash version from Adobe), it seems that Flash is still a 32-bit creature, and that browsers in OSX running in 64 bit provide a 32-bit layer that allows Flash to run as a 32-bit process. However, some problems still exist (like the one described above that I’m experiencing).

I’ve found two proposed solutions:

  1. Make your browsers run as 32bit apps in OSX (just google how to do that in OSX – it’s quite simple)
  2. Download and install a 64-bit beta version of Flash, known as “Square” (more info here).

I’ll go for option number 2 and see how it works. I’ll report it back here. 

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