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When Patents Attack!

When Patents Attack! | This American Life.

Excellent Radio Program/podcast about patents in the USA (which kind of follows a Michael Moore documentary style and approach ;-)).

In general, I have strong reservations on how patents are issued in the US. In particular, software patents are something that really surpass my comprehension and so far in Europe we have been safe from such a plague (not sure for how long, though… the lobby is strong and our european politicians are kind of weak…).

Patent trolls subverted the patent original idea of protecting IP for inventors who come up with original and non-trivial proposals, and I’m inclined to think that such patent troll people/entities/corporations do more harm than good to innovation in a global worldwide scale…

I should at some point try to understand what is the portuguese scene in what regards patents and promote debate and discussion on these important topics that have such a strong impact on research, innovation and entrepreneurship. I’ll keep you posted.

For anyone interested on this topics, a good resource to follow is Techdirt blog/forum.

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