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Bill Buxton Shows Us His Favorite Tech

Bill Buxton Shows Us His Favorite Tech | Show Us Your Tech | Channel 9.

Really nice interview with Bill Buxton, during CHI2011 conference, where he exhibited his impressive collection of gadgets that range from watches, to all sorts of joysticks and hand held devices.

By the way, Microsoft Research and Bill Buxton are compiling this impressive and valuable collection on a website that is a mandatory study reference for anyone studying/working on HCI, Interfaces and Interaction. The site includes detailed photos, descriptions and comments by Bill himself and videos of the working user interfaces and how some of the devices operate are being uploaded into the website.

So, before you dare to present any “novel” interface/interaction design/HCI solution to the world, just follow Bill’s advice and check first if someone else already proposed that same approach some years ago (and save yourself from some embarrassment ;-)).


Bill Buxton Talk: NUI – What’s in a Name?

TechTalk – NUI – What’s in a Name? | | Channel 9.

Don’t Set the Bar Too Low

Perhaps being fully prepared before you start, while a good sentiment, might actually be an indication of procrastination or avoidance.

via Don’t Set the Bar Too Low – BusinessWeek.

How to Keep Innovating

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Multi-Touch Systems that I Have Known and Loved – by Bill Buxton