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A Look at George Tzanetakis’ Innovations in Music Classification

A great article about George Tzanetakis‘ 10 year work on MIR and software development:  A Look at George Tzanetakis’ Innovations in Music Classification.

I feel really lucky (and proud) to know George since the early days of Marsyas (around 2003) and then to actually meet him in person here in Portugal some time later.

I ended up doing 3 research interships under his supervision at the University of Victoria, BC, Canada, during my PhD, and we currently keep a close collaboration in the scope of Marsyas and a R&D project on the topic of CASA (Computational Auditory Scene Analysis).

Congratulations George! And keep up with the good work! 🙂


Lord of the Rings: an allegory of the PhD?

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Excellent blog about a PhD

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